"1. A game after it has been played is one overlooked."
It has been assumed that the primary interfacing action with games is that of play. They are metaphorical "engines" waiting for players to run them.
What if a game was never meant to be played? What if a game was meant only to be engaged with once it had already been completed?
This zine covers a series of games I made over the course of 2019 investigating what other forms games can exist as, and how games are designed to create certain relationship dynamics. This includes Irrational Games: Room and Irrational Games: Game.
Two of the big concepts in this zine are:
"games of arousal"  - Games that leverage knowledge about the player to manipulate them via their systems.
"interweaving games" - Games that create an affective relationship between the player and the designer.
The third concept that comes from this zine is how post-play is a concept of games and play that can be considered more in games. While this proposes the idea for future inspiration, I also hoped for it to be a writing of precautions to take when considering how a game may touch the lives and relationships of players.
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