A project made collaboratively with Nuomeng Zhang, Serena Liu and Sunah Hong
"Reflections" is a art collage walking path that invites bridge-walkers to walk on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge and reflect on their experience that intersects with a temporal place. On the path a collage of images referring to history, literature and famous figures related to the bridge are put together.  A mirror lies perpendicular to the walking path for the walkers to take a picture of their path, participating in adding to the history of the bridge.
When our team (Bridge Bears) set out to design for public space, we wanted to design with two fairly disconnected themes; feet and selfies. With these two design domains in mind, it was clear that we wanted to design for the Brooklyn Bridge.
One of the things that our team noticed when we observed the Brooklyn Bridge over multiple days was the desire for achievement and spectacle at the cost of reflecting on the Bridge's experience. This is why we designed "Reflections".
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