Feelings Jam is a small game that creates an easier way for friends to talk about their problems.
If anyone ever needs to talk or vent about things going on, but is hesitant for any reason they can initiate a "Feelings Jam" by going up to any number of friends and saying, "Hey can we have a feelings jam?" At this point all of the consenting players take on roles they want to play while the initiate talks about how they are doing. One player may be the angry, defensive fighter ("I'll kick that guy's ass who stole your sandwich!"), others may play the doubtful cynic ("I don't think it happened that way"). All collaborate to create a new way to talk about emotions.
Feelings Jams are spur of the moment and give an emotional safety in the layer play.
Feelings Jam was made in collaboration with Earn Chavisa and Fran Chacon Astudillo.
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