The Hostos Bitsy Workbench was a bitsy workshop held at Hostos Community College on October 9th and continued as a game jam until October 13th.
You can find the game jam page with submissions on
From my high school education all the way until my third university transfer I struggled to find why I had entered the educational system. I went from high school, to a community college, to another community college. Then it all changed when the games writer Austin Walker helped me discover that games could be a critical passion beyond my thinking of them. Ever since, I have felt frustrated that it took so long for the education system to help me find what was important to me.
In the long run I'd like to create programs and structures to give students what I never had. But, in the meantime while I don't have those resources and networks yet I will be creating and holding workshops at various education levels with hopes that these ideas and tools will help students find what they love.
I ran the first of these workshops at Hostos Community College teaching the game tool bitsy to any student at the school. This workshop covered the basics of the tool and tricks to help simplify the process of making.
After the workshop ended, I setup an game jam page and asked students to contribute their games when they were finished by the end of that weekend. The game jam page ended up with 9 different submissions out of the 13 students attended. I also created a game to participate with the community.
Most of the students that came to the workshop were already media students, so I hope that future iterations can focus on classrooms that don't already work with this medium.
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