Irrational Games: Game is a conceptual game that asks players to consider how the act of viewing art, can be a game.
After finishing "Game Changers" I still wasn't finished with my thinking about games as an artifact, and/or in a gallery space. In "Game Changers" I was really thinking a lot about how games could be archived in a gallery setting, as artifacts. But in this piece I focused more about what we consider to be games, and how games can be viewed in a gallery setting.
During this time I was thinking about how play is really just a way that the player abstracts the world in order to digest content in a specific way. I believe that this is exactly what we do when we look at art. We forego much of the physicality of the art in order to consider what greater sensation the piece is trying to depict. This considers more than just canvas-based work, but all art pieces.
Irrational Games: Game asked visitors of The National Gallery of Denmark to consider how looking at the art around them was a type of game. This provoked conversations about art spaces, games, museums, and play.
Irrational Games: Game was shown at The National Gallery of Denmark in March.
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