To Support Frida is a bitsy game focused around friendship support and sensitive conversations.
Sometimes friends just don't know what to say. Relationships maintain a casual level of understanding, you say hi, you hold conversations, you grab coffee. However, even at the closest levels, sometimes its just hard to know what a person wants to hear.
To Support Frida doesn't attempt to give a player the universal key to sensitive conversations. But it represents that those moments of awkwardness and frustration exist. And then we move on, keeping those moments with us.

In October 2019 I ran a game jam/workshop at Hostos Community College to teach students how to use the bitsy game engine. In the months leading up to the workshop I made a series of experiments and games to reacquaint myself with the toolset. To Support Frida is the game I feel transcends that time period to exist as its own work.
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